Review Policy

I am open to review opportunities and would love to hear from you, whether you are self published or a publishing company. Please note that I may not be able to read your book straight away however will aim to get to it within a two month period. I will ensure that I make your book a priority. I do work full time and reviewing books is my hobby.

I love discovering new genres/authors and therefore would be open to any suggestions that you may make. I particularly love hearing about brand new books that have not had much hype surrounding them so that I can promote them to the communities that I am part of. When requesting using the contact form below please include as much detail as possible so that I can decide whether I am the right person to read your book.

I will be 100% honest when writing reviews, I do not have to finish your book if I feel like I cannot and I can decline any requests I do not feel suit my style.


As stated above, I am open to any genre and I love discovering new genres and authors. However my particular favourites are; YA, YA Fantasy, Adult Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Mystery, Horror, Contemporary and Middle-Grade. This is not an extensive list so please still contact me if your book falls in another character as I may well be interested in broadening my literature tastes.


I am open to all formats of book. I do prefer a physical copy as I find it easier to read however I also do not mind receiving e-books.


I am happy to receive ARCs however I may not read these straight away as I tend to wait closer to the publishing date. This will be discussed upon contact. I will not sell ARCs; however I will not always keep it. I will dispose of unwanted ARCs through swapping with other readers or doing a giveaway on my social media pages.


I will always review your book, whether I complete it or DNF it. I will be 100% honest with how I feel about a book. My review will be posted on here and Goodreads as a definite. I am also happy to post an update on other websites of your choice if possible eg. Waterstones and Amazon. If I particularly enjoy your book and you have sent me a physical copy I will create an Instagram post on my account in order to promote your book further.


I can be contacted in a variety of different ways. There is a contact form below that you are welcome to use. I can also be contacted via email which is, please note that this is my personal account so I will aim to get back to you as quick as possible, please do not spam! Finally, you can also contact me on my “Bookstagram” page which is @theanxiousbookworm_

I think I have covered everything! If you have an questions or want to request that I read your book, please do not hesitate to contact me!




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