Six of Crows | Leigh Bardugo | Review

“They fear you as I once feared you … As you once feared me. We are all someones monster”





Ketterdam is the place to be, its vibrant trade can lead you to possess anything you desire .. for the right price. Kaz Brekker, criminal prodigy, is on a mission, one in the shape of a deadly heist which can make him richer than ever before. Along with his very diverse crew, will Kaz pull off the biggest job of his criminal career and save the world from destruction.


“No mourners, no funerals” .. At this point I would like to say that when I got to this quote for the first time in the book I squealed with excitement. I had heard it floating around so much that I am now so pleased that I can use it in context.

Okay, before I go into my review I need to say that I really did not enjoy the Shadow and Bone series and very nearly did not bother picking this up. However, when I expressed my opinion on bookstagram I was told that I had to give this series a chance because it was a huge improvement. I am so glad I listened to these people because I absolutely loved this book.

The character development within this book I feel is fantastic. I felt like I was really able to get to know the characters and bond with them. I feel like a chapter dedicated to characters and their experiences really helped with this. Apart from the obvious bad guys I don’t think their was a character within the crew that I didn’t like. I loved how each one was unique and had a different personalities so that you could learn to love them in their own individual ways. The humour within this book was also brilliant, the banter that the crew had between them when they were together was just fantastic. Parts had me laughing so hard.

The one issue I had with the Shadow and Bone series is that I found the books to be very slow paced with not a lot going on. However I did not find that with this book. It was fast-paced throughout and there always seemed to be something going on, something keeping me on the edge of my seat. Bardugo was very good at springing a plot twist on you that shocked you to the core, to find out a couple of chapters later that all was not what it seemed. I really liked that element to her writing and it kept me going throughout.

I could talk about this book all day. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time reading this book. It left me wanting more and I have immediately picked up Crooked Kingdom. I cannot wait to join the crew again in another adventure. 100% recommend to everybody, even if you did not like the Shadow and Bone series, READ THIS. It feels like Bardugo has matured into a completely different writer.

“No mourners, no funerals”


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