Crossing the Line | Laura Wilkinson | Review

“Centuries of patriarchy can’t be undone in a decade or so. The battle’s only just begun”




“Miners wife Mandy Walker lives a quiet life. She’s hopeless at everything apart from looking after her boys and baking. Life is fine. But she knows it could be better. Her husband’s a drinker and best friend Ruth is busy with a teaching career. Mandy dreams of a different life – an impossible, unachievable life. Only Ruth’s husband Dan believes in her and, after serving during the Falklands War, he’s damaged.

But when the men come out on strike, Mandy joins a support group. She finds friends and strength in surprising places. And secrets and enemies where she least expected them.

Mandy just decide which side of the line to stand on and determine her fate.


I was kindly sent an e-book of this book by Accent Press and asked to be part of their blog tour on Tuesday 19th March 2019. Firstly I want to say thank you to Accent Press and the wonderful author Laura Wilkinson for giving me the opportunity to read this book.

I have to admit, my TBR is generally dominated by the fantasy genre, so this was a change for me and I did go into it feeling slightly apprehensive. However, this feeling was soon alleviated through the fabulous writing style Wilkinson presents in this book. Reading this was like a breath of fresh air and I thoroughly enjoyed every single moment of it.

I really enjoyed the character development within Crossing the Line. I felt such a connection with some of the characters and genuinely felt like I was living Mandy’s life through her eyes. I could feel her happiness and determination but also her sorrow and struggle which had a huge affect on me. I love how throughout the book she grew as a character and I found myself loving and admiring her more and more as the book developed. I also felt the pain that Dan was going through during the story, his role broke my heart and I felt such an emotional connection to him. Ethel was also another character that I particularly enjoyed in this book. She is not afraid to stand up to what she believes in and she is definitely somebody that I aspire to be as a woman!

This book also focused on many key and important themes, and it did so in a sensitive and mature way.

Trigger Warnings: Eating disorders, Post traumatic stress, Miscarriage/Still birth and grief.

Whilst the list above is extensive in relation to trigger warnings I truly believe that Wilkinson did each an every one of these important topics so much justice and it is explored in a  dignified way. It brings light and understanding to subject matters that in general society can be brushed under the carpet, labelled as a difficult topic and not discussed like they should be. I think this was probably my favourite thing about this book.

This book is set in the 1980’s era, an era that predominantly women still struggled to lead within. However, Mandy is such a strong character and shows that women can be the forefront of society, they can be in charge and they can make their own choices in life. Throughout this book, Mandy challenges the general ideologies of women in this era and goes against what is expected of her as a wife and a young mother of 4 children and basically does what the hell she wants. Mandy proves to every other woman in society that you can be a strong independent female in a male dominated society as long as you put your mind to it.

I would describe this book as moderately paced, there is enough going on throughout in order to keep the reader interested at all points in the story. The character development seems to be the key focus of Wilkinson and for me this is so important which made me love the story even more. This is the first book I have read by this author however I can guarantee that I will be picking up more of her books in the near future. I definitely recommend that you pick this book up and read it for yourself, I really don’t think you will regret it.

Again, thank you so much to Laura Wilkinson and Accent Press for this opportunity.

You can buy Crossing the Line by Laura Wilkinson here.

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