No Way Out | Cara Hunter | Review

“This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed at home, this little piggy had roast beef, this little piggy had none.

This little piggy went BOOM.”





It’s one of the most disturbing cases of DI Fawley has ever worked.

The Christmas holidays, and two children have just been pulled from the wreckage of their birmingham home in north Oxford. The toddler is dead, and his brother is fighting for his life.

Why were they left in the house alone? Where is their mother, and why is their father not answering his phone?

Then new evidence is uncovered, and DI Fawley’s worst nightmare comes true. Because this fire wasn’t an accident.

It was a murder.

And the killer is still out there …


I am the first to admit that crime/thrillers are not my favourite genre, they used to be however I stopped reading them as I found them all the same and very easy to guess what is coming. I failed to see the mystery in them. Cara Hunter, however, is the exception to this. Cara is such a fantastic author for this genre, she is by far my favourite. When I discovered the release date for No Way Out, I knew that it had to be mine and I had to read it immediately.

Firstly, this police procedure novel is so accurate. Having first hand experience of working in a very similar environment I can confirm that Hunter has certainly done her research. Due to my close working relations with this kind of environment I always find myself critiquing the author because of their lack of knowledge and research. However Cara’s research is so accurate that I did not get this feeling at all while reading this book and her other two prior to this. This appears to be very rare in the crime/thriller world so I commend Cara for this.

Throughout this book we are spoon fed the mystery gradually. Cara drops snippets of information right through to the end of the book. This allows the reader to create many different theories, which constantly changes through different periods. I think I blamed each and every character at some point in the book, in my mind on one occasion they were guilty. This would quickly change with another crumb of information, my theory would be blown out the window and again I wouldn’t have a clue who it was. Whilst, I did guess partly who was guilty (obviously, I suspected everybody at some point) I did not guess the whole theory. Cara is so good at making you think you know “whodunnit”, leading you into a false sense of security for you to eventually realise how wrong you really are.

I normally love a book with chapters so that I can pace my reading and ensure that I have what I think is a safe place to pause in a book. Cara does not do this, there are no specific chapters in the book. I think this is a fantastic idea for this kind of genre as it adds to the already fast pace of the book making the reader want to continue and not put the book down. Utterly, mind-blowing. What I also really enjoyed in relation to the layout of the book is the different media inputs that are included such as; press releases, fire reports, police reports and telephone calls etc. I feel like these really added to the suspense, I really appreciated them and I thought they were a brilliant way to keep the reader hooked and involved in the mystery that was unfolding.

I enjoyed how DI Fawley took a back seat within this book so we got to know the other characters in more depth. There was always the underlying plot of Adam’s personal life which I enjoyed reading about. However, I also really liked getting to know other characters, understanding their personalities and how they work. I am looking forward to getting to know them further in future books. Moving back to DI Fawley briefly, I really feel like I have built up a relationship with him during the previous books especially with that of his heart breaking personal life. However, THAT ENDING. I absolutely loved that ending. I won’t lie, and deny the fact I had a little tear whilst reading it. I can’t wait to see how that plot develops in subsequent books.

Pushing the mystery element aside, Cara also touches on the subject of Post Natal Depression. Whilst she only touches on it, she does this in such a sensitive and delicate way that I really feel like it benefits the reader, especially those who may be suffering the same thing. The message I really got from this is that it is okay not to be okay, it is okay to put yourself first and that it is imperative that you ensure you have the support structure to allow you to get better and be yourself again.

This may well be my favourite book in the series so far and that is really saying something due to the fact I have loved each and every one of them. I was hooked from start to finish. With certain authors of this genre, once I have read one or two of their books I find that the mystery and the suspense is exactly the same which makes it easy to guess what is going to happen next. With Cara, I cannot do this, each time I pick up one of her books I get such a unique experience which is one of the things I really love about her.

I would 100% recommend this book to each and every one of you reading this. Even if this is not your preferred genre, please pick it up and give it a go. I really do not think you will regret it!

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