More Than We Can Tell | Brigid Kemmerer | Review

“We all push sometimes, just to make sure someone is on the other side, pushing back.”IMG_1432.JPG




Every day Rev struggles with the memories and demons of the time before he was adopted. He’s always managed just fine until a letter from his birth father brings hellfire, fear and danger back into his life.

Emma escapes her life in an online game she built herself. Virtual reality is so much easier than real life. But then another player joins the game and suddenly ultra-violent threats start to stream in …

When Rev and Emma meet, they are fighting a darkness they can’t put into words. But somehow they hear each other and together they might be able to find a way out …


I had such high hopes for this book, I have recently read Letters for the Lost and before finishing I had already ordered this book so that I could read it almost straight after. It is stated that you can read this book as a stand alone, I agree that it can however there are some of the same characters within it from Letters of the Lost and I feel like I had a far better connection to them which had a positive impact on my reading experience due to reading it as a sequel.

Brigid did not disappoint me, she definitely knows how to write a contemporary that pulls at your heart strings. I could not put this book down to the point that I actually read it in one sitting, a couple of hours worth of reading. I love Brigid’s writing style and I find it so easy to devour her books very quickly.

More Than We Can Tell, does explore quite sensitive subjects including violence, child abuse and kidnap. It may not be for people who are triggered by these subjects but I can assure you that they are dealt with delicately and Brigid handles these subjects with so much care. I love that at the back of the book the trigger warnings are listed which I feel needs to be more common in books especially those aimed at a YA audience.

I think my favourite part of this book was the fact that it was centred around Rev, I think Rev may have been my favourite character in Letters to the Lost despite him not being in the limelight. I wanted so much more from him and this is exactly what this book gave me. I loved seeing his character develop, learning his previous experiences and also learning how far he has come. It actually made me love him even more which I didn’t think that was possible. I also liked Emma, at first she irritated me and I wasn’t sure about her however as she progressed I really enjoyed to read about her and get to know her. I love how she’s a gaming girl, we don’t get many characters like her that are female so this was really refreshing to read.

I really loved Matt, he needs a new paragraph of his own. He is such a mysterious character which you begin not to like. Well I didn’t like him to start with anyway. But as you see his character grow, you realise what he has been through and the reason he is the way that he is. I was left wanting more of Matt and I would love another sequel that focuses on him **AHEM BRIGID**. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a book 3.

I would 100% that you pick up this book, if you can read Letters to the Lost first however it isn’t a problem if you can’t, you will easily be able to pick this up. I can’t wait for more from Brigid.

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