The Wrong Side of Kai | Estelle

“Captain Washington and Nessie versus the world”





With a father who doesn’t notice her, it’s easy for her to sneak around with her latest fling, Harrison Boyd. But when an explicit video of Vanessa hooking up with Harrison is leaked the morning after she ends things with him, her life is thrown into chaos.

And Vanessa wants payback. Enter Kai. With his own vendetta against Harrison, Kai proposes revenge, and the two pair up to ruin Harrison Boyd’s life. At first, they are nothing more than an illicit partnership. Teammates working towards the same mission.

But – between late – night stakeouts and crime committing – Vanessa is drawn into Kai’s life. And, as the two grow closer, she finds herself letting Kai into hers.


Firstly, I want to say thank you to Dark Room Tours, Ink Road Publishers and also the author Estelle Maskame for providing me with a signed copy of this book and including me on the book tour for The Wrong Side of Kai.

I could not pass up this opportunity, I have seen this book in the bookstagram community for a while and I just knew that I needed to get my hands on it. The premise of the book really drew me in, I love contemporaries that deal with current social issues. Revenge porn is a topic prominent within society, especially at the young adult target audience for this book. At first I was unsure about the whole “bad guy posts a video so the victim gets revenge” as that never ends well and is such a bad message to send out to people. However, when I continued reading I realised that the main character Vanessa was taken on a journey, she started off wanting revenge to then realise that she did not achieve anything and actually it was the wrong thing to do. She was just as bad as Harrison. This aspect of the book WAS SO IMPORTANT. Many young girls, the same age as Vanessa I’m sure will want to react in exactly the same way. The author, Estelle, deals with these emotions so delicately and portrays to the audience that whilst it may feel good at first, as Vanessa quickly realise it is not the correct course of action. The only way to make this situation better, is to be brave, address the issue with an adult and let them help you come to a solution.

I also enjoyed the feeling of solidarity within this book. I loved that the issues of bullying were addressed but also the fact that you could overcome anything as long as you had your friends by yourself. Those that you feel aren’t there for you may actually just be looking out for you and want the best for you. You may not see this at the time but this is what they are trying to achieve.

The topic of bereavement also was prominent throughout this book, whilst it was not included in the main plot it definitely had an impact on the main character and her development throughout. Vanessa’s mother suddenly died from a brain aneurysm when she was in her first year of secondary school. Vanessa’s behaviour spirals out of control, her sister questions this behaviour and her father ignores it as he is swamped with his own grief. I feel that the author does a very good job with conveying to its reader that different people deal with grief in different ways, you have to allow this process to happen in the way the individual wants it to and there is always light at the end of the tunnel. In times of need, those closest to you need to know that you are there in anyway that they need you to be.

I am definitely not the target audience of this book, however I went into it with an open mind and tried to put myself into the shoes of somebody that is the same age as who the book is aimed at. I feel that it deals with prominent issues in young adult society today, very delicately but also very well. It shows that whilst you may think you are doing the right thing, this is not always the case. I ended up enjoying this book a lot and I would definitely recommend that you pick it up. It is an easy and though provoking read that all teenagers should read. I will be looking at more books by this author  as this is my first.

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