The Conspiracy of Magic | Harriet Whitehorn | Review

“Oh I’m the Queen of Minaris, 

And all the ladies have to curtsy to me, 

Curtsy to me, 

Curtsy to me,

In the City of the Fish.”





In a world where magic is so powerful it has been outlawed, Cass is a rare creature – an obtuse, someone who is unaffected by magic. But what has always felt like a handicap becomes a strength when sorcerers and magicians begin to perform magical deceptions with malicious intent. The Queen of Minaris is in grave danger and it’s up to Cass to protect her. But how can Cass defeat the sinister magician behind it all with no powers herself?


Firstly, I want to say thank you to Dark Room Tours and Stripes Publishing for asking me to be part of the bookstagram tour in relation to this book.

I loved The Company of Eight, so this was very much an anticipated read for me. The anticipation lasted 2.5 seconds after finishing the first as I picked this one up straight away. In fact I sat on my sofa for 4 hours in total and tore through the first and second book because I could just not put them down.

I really loved the story and character development from the first book. I loved watching things move on, characters become stronger. I enjoyed that a lot of the old characters were in this book so I did enjoy reading about them now and see what development there is with them. I then enjoyed meeting some of the new characters and getting to know them. What happens in this book has a great effect on Cass, and instead of ignoring this the author addresses it in such  delicate way that I feel is so important considering the main target audience for this book are children/teenagers.

There was a slight political stance in this book as well which as an adult I really did enjoy. Not complex enough that a child wouldn’t understand but enough to include a mild interest which is something that I haven’t seen in many middle-grade books. I enjoyed this factor as it worked well and left me as a reader intrigued.

I love how the method of transport in this book is based on ice skating etc. It is very much a good time of year to read this and want to be involved. If I could ice skate to work I most certainly would. I would also love to ride on a Sledshot if anybody wants to set that up for me.

The adventure in this book is constant, I felt like I was on a rollercoaster that I could not get off. I was so gripped that I just wanted to keep on reading to find out what happened. There are a fair few plot twists that I did not expect, which is rare to find in middle-grade books, you can normally predict what is going to happen. This was a welcome change that just added to my enjoyment of reading this book. I absolutely loved the ending and I would love to see a sequel to this to find out what happens next. I definitely think that you should pick this series up, no matter what your age.

And remember …

“Be careful, you must be very careful. At the worlds end, you are in great danger.”

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