Blood Heir | Amélie Wen Zhao | Review

“I suppose we are all heroes in our own eyes, and monsters in the eyes of those who are different.”





In the Cyrilian Empire, Affinites are reviled. Their varied gifts to control the world around them are unnatural – dangerous. And Anastacya Mikhailov, the crown princess, has a terrifying secret. Her deadly Affinity to blood is her curse and the reason she has lived her life hidden behind palace walls.

When Ana’s father, the emperor, is murdered, her world is shattered. Framed as his killer, Ana must flee the palace to save her life. And to clear her name, she must find her father’s murderer on her own. But the Cyrilia beyond the palace walls is far different from the one she thought she knew. Corruption rules the land, and a greater conspiracy is at work – one that threatens the very balance of her world. And there is only one person corrupt enough to help Ana get to its core: Ramson Quicktongue.

A cunning crime lord of the Cyrilian underworld, Ramson has sinister plans – though he might have met his match in Ana. Because in this story, the princess might be the most dangerous player of all.


Firstly, I want to say thank you to Harper Voyager for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Blood Heir was one of my most anticipated books of the year, I couldn’t help but get excited about how much I thought I was going to love it. THIS DID NOT DISAPPOINT. OMG, this has moved up to one of my favourite books of the year. Such an excellent book. I actually had to check more than once that this was a debut novel because it was fantastic.

I absolutely love Amélie Wen Zhao’s writing style. I picked this book up before bed, struggled to put it down and devoured it the next day. I kept telling myself I would read one more chapter, and 100 pages later I wanted to continue. It is very rare a book captures me that much. It was so fast paced, you are thrown into action from page 1 and it doesn’t really stop from that moment onwards. Just when you sit and relax you are thrown into another action packed chapter. Some parts absolutely tore my heart out of my chest, some made me laugh and others had me on the edge of my seat. THIS BOOK IS SUCH AN EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER.

I absolutely love Ransom. One of my favourite characters. He is a brilliantly developed character. Ana’s character is also fascinating, I feel that she is only just understanding who she is, I feel we are on a journey of discovery with her and I can’t wait to find out what happens next. AND May. I’m not going to say anymore because I don’t want to give away spoilers. But May. Oh May!

Whilst the plot was built around a fantasy setting this book explores really important and current societal issues. Human trafficking plays quite a large plot fo this book more or less from the beginning and is built on throughout. We discuss being kidnapped, forced labour and people being sold as slaves to others. An industry is created in this book. This topic is so sensitive and prevalent in society today, it was handled so well and delicately. I really did enjoy this element of the book.

There were plot twists from start to finish, some I guessed, some I definitely did not see coming. I am really routing for Ana and Ransom in the next book. I can’t believe I have to now wait for another instalment. The ending was satisfying. I hate books that leave you on a massive unnecessary cliffhanger. Blood Heir did not, it gave me enough information to make me intrigued for the next book and wanting to pick it up. I really enjoyed this and I cannot wait to read more.

If you do one thing in the new year, PLEASE READ THIS BOOK.

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