A Throne of Swans | Katharine & Elizabeth Corr | Review

“And where the stars sing, there will you soar. And where the stars fall, there will you be free.”





When her father dies just before her eighteenth birthday, Aderyn inherits the role of Protector of Atratys, a dominion in a kingdom where nobles can transform into birds. Aderyn’s ancestral bird is a swan. But she has not been able to transform for years, not since witnessing the death of her mother.

Aderyn must venture into the malevolent heart of the Citadel in order to seek the truth about the attack that killed her mother and to fight for the land she has vowed to protect.


Firstly, I want to say thank you so much to Dark Room Tours and Hot Key Books for involving me in the blog tour for this book and sending me a copy for review. I really appreciate this opportunity.

Throne of Swans instantly called out to be based on the cover. I cannot write a review of this book without talking about how beautiful the cover is. Had I not had been asked to be part of the tour I would have instantly picked this up in a book shop based on the cover alone. It is so so stunning, and instantly drew me in.

Once I picked this book up I really struggled to put it down, I stupidly started it before bed and before I knew it I was half way through and made myself put it down so I could get at least a couple of hours of sleep that night. It is so intriguing. The writing style is beautiful, it makes for such an entertaining but also easy read that you do not want to put down. I was utterly mesmerised from start to finish. I actually really enjoyed the court politics within this book, which is something I don’t normally enjoy too much but I was hooked on this. Everything is explained thoroughly and nothing is over complicated for the sake of it.

I really found that I built up relationships with many of the characters in this book. I really liked seeing Aderyn’s character develop for the better throughout along with her best friend Letya, who I absolutely ADORE. I really didn’t like Lucien to start with but he’s grown on me and I have decided to give him a second chance. Did you hear me Lucien? Don’t let me down. Why do I have a feeling you are going to let me down? I suspected the “baddies” from the beginning I knew something wasn’t right but I didn’t suspect everything and I can guarantee that these characters will surprise you at some point throughout the book. I don’t want to name names due to spoilers. You need to discover as much as you can for yourself. There are so many characters that I really enjoyed in this and even after only just finishing the book I want to pick it up again so that I can be with them all over again. I’m not going to lie, I was really worried about the potential romance in this, like REALLY worried – I was convinced that it would be a deal breaker in loving or not liking this book. But actually it is very much in the background and if like me you’re not a fan of YA romance in fantasy you can easily pretend that it doesn’t exist. It will not effect your enjoyment of this book.

The last 100 pages are very fast paced, you really do have to make sure you are concentrating as lots of information is thrown at you. All of which is relevant and that is done in a way where you are excited to continue and find out more. Don’t pick this book up until you have the time to devour it otherwise you will not do it justice. I did find myself guessing different theories, some which ended up to be correct some which were wrong.

This is definitely a book to look out for in 2020. I am honestly already excited for the sequel and I’m not sure how I am going to wait over a year until I get the next instalment. Please pick up this book you will not regret it. I would also like to shout out the authors of this book, when it was announced I would be part of the blog tour they instantly reached out to me and are so so lovely and supportive. I’m so excited to see what you guys do next!

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