If These Wings Could Fly | Kyrie McCauley | Review

“How big is your brave?”





Tens of thousands of crows invading Auburn, Pennsylvania, is a problem for everyone in town except seventeen-year-old Leighton Barnes. For Leighton, it’s no stranger than her house, which inexplicably repairs itself every time her father loses his temper and breaks things.

Leighton doesn’t have time for the crows–it’s her senior year, and acceptance to her dream college is finally within reach. But grabbing that lifeline means abandoning her sisters, a choice she’s not ready to face.

With her father’s rage worsening and the town in chaos over the crows, Leighton allows herself a chance at happiness with Liam, her charming classmate, even though falling in love feels like a revolutionary act.

Balancing school, dating, and survival under the shadow of sixty thousand feathered wings starts to feel almost comfortable, but Leighton knows that this fragile equilibrium can only last so long before it shatters.


Firstly, I want to say thank you to harper360 for sending me a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I am so grateful for this opportunity.

I am going to make a bold statement. This may be the most important book you will read this year. Honestly, trust me on this one. I would like to add that there are trigger warnings for domestic violence, domestic violence that can be quite graphic at times. But if you can get past that in a way that will not affect you, then please please please pick up this book!

I was automatically drawn to this book based on the synopsis and the main premise. I work in the domestic violence arena and I think there are very little books that depict this subject. Those that do, I very rarely find do the hardship justice and you can tell that the author hasn’t done their research. Kyrie has really got a grip on this and I feel that it really does do victims of this awful subject justice. I make that statement loosely, as I will not pretend that I have been through this before personally.

I think my favourite thing about If These Wings Could Fly is the writing style. Kyrie’s writing style appears to flow effortlessly in a way that you will begin this book and quickly release you are over half way through. Picking up this book will eat away at your time in a rate that you do not actually realise. If These Wings Could Fly has the ability to draw you in, as a reader you are engaged with the plot from the start and from that moment forward you will struggle to put this down.

The characters .. wow the characters. I really felt like I had a connection with them. Leighton is so so brave, I really wanted to dive into the book and give her a cuddle, tell her that in the end it will all be okay. I felt so sorry for her sisters, I just felt sorry for the family. I could feel the pain that they were feeling. I think Liam is my favourite, what an incredible character. I fell in love with him from the moment I was introduced to him and my love just grew from that moment onwards. What a kind hearted young man, so thoughtful and fiercely protective. If I am lucky enough to have a child in the future I want them to be just like Liam. Ahh, Im tearing up just thinking about him now.

I would like to add at this point that whilst writing this review I have done a little bit of research. I should have known this before, but I did not. If These Wings Could Fly is actually a debut novel for Kyrie McCauley. I literally would never have guessed this by reading this book. Wow. What an amazing debut.

I think the only criticism I have about this book, and I use the word criticism lightly is the ending felt rushed. I would have liked another 50 pages rounding things off a little bit more. I felt closure through this ending but a little bit extra would have made it truly perfect. Not that it wasn’t perfect anyway.

I will be shouting from the rooftops about this book and I cannot wait for other people to read it. It is so worthwhile investing your time and money into!

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