A Treason of Thorns | Laura E. Weymouth | Review

“Perhaps my House is broken, but we are a matched set, split apart in the same place, and a broken girl is just the things for a broken House.”





When her father is convicted of high treason, Violet Sterling is exiled. Seven years later she has a chance to return to her beloved Burleigh House and to Wyn, the boy she left behind. But Burleigh – one of the six great magical houses of England – has gone wild with grief after the death of Violet’s father and now the capricious King of England has threatened to raze it to the ground. Vi must decide whether her destiny is set in stone, before Burleigh destroys everything she loves.


Firstly, I want to say thank you to Chicken House publishers for sending me a copy of this book. I am so grateful for this opportunity.

I’m not going to lie, the first thing I noticed and wanted this book for was the cover. How amazing is it!! I love the colours and the design so much. Had I have walked into a shop and seen this book I think I would definitely have picked it up just based on the cover alone. However, as soon as I read the synopsis I knew that I had to read it immediately.

The premise of this book was the one thing that really interested me, a magical estates that require caretakers but is over seen by a King. Pardon? That is something that is completely new to me and something that I don’t think I have ever read about before. Whilst I enjoyed the idea, I don’t think the execution of it was as good as it could have been. I just wanted more from it which is what I didn’t get.

One thing I did really enjoy about this book as it was a light and easy read. It was so easy to get into and devour. Once I had picked it up I flew straight through it because I found myself not wanting to put it down. I did find that there was a lot of repetition and I am not quite sure why this was. I feel like it was unnecessary, I already knew a lot of what was going on, it wasn’t complicated. However, the more the author repeated things they more I found myself skim reading because it made me just loose interest.

The characters were okay? Not one really stood out to me as being a favourite and I found Violet quite irritating. I didn’t really care that happened to her which made me sad because I really thought that I was going to love her. I did really love Wyn he was probably the best character for me, however even he irritated me at times. The romance? Yeah it was okay, but because I didn’t have a massive connection with the characters I found that I couldn’t love the romance as much as I thought I should.

I have read mixed reviews of this book since finishing. This is by no means a bad book and I think you should pick it up and form your own opinions. However, unfortunately, this was not for me. Maybe I had set my hopes up too high?

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