Magpie Lane | Lucy Atkins | Review

“Damage is only damage, after all, when it is observed”





When the eight-year-old daughter of an Oxford College Master vanishes in the middle of the night, police turn to the Scottish nanny, Dee, for answers.

As Dee looks back over her time in the Master’s Lodging – an eerie and ancient house – a picture of a high achieving but dysfunctional family emerges: Nick, the fiercely intelligent and powerful father; his beautiful Danish wife Mariah, pregnant with their child; and the lost little girl, Felicity, almost mute, seeing ghosts, grieving her dead mother.

But is Dee telling the whole story? Is her growing friendship with the eccentric house historian, Linklater, any cause for concern? And most of all, why was Felicity silent?


Firstly, I want to say thank you to Quercus Books for sending me a copy of Magpie Lane and asking me to be part of this social media blast for this book. I am very grateful for the opportunity.

I feel like this book was different to so many thrillers that I have read before. I knew who had done it, from more or less the beginning but that didn’t matter. It did not ruin my experience with the book, I continued to read because I wanted to know why. I wanted to know what had happened which lead the said character to do what they had done. I’m not sure whether this was the aim of the author but it felt really effective and different to me.

I found Felicity fascinating, I just wanted more and more from her character. She was very creepy, and clearly had a lot going on. But what was going on in her little head, why was she doing what she was doing. Why wouldn’t she speak to anybody? Honestly, this had me hooked, I wanted to know more about her and understand what was going on. Dee, really fascinated me also. I knew there was something going on in her background, I knew there was something that was not quite right. Lucy Atkins really only feeds necessary information to you about her characters which adds to the mystery and really keeps you on the edge of your seat. I had a thirst for knowledge when it came to these characters.

The writing style was also very interesting. I did find it difficult to get through in parts because it was dense, and the historical nature of some parts I did not enjoy. I feel like some people will but it just wasn’t for me, I just wanted to continue with the mystery. I did skip parts like this just so I could get to the bits I wanted. However, like I said, that is just me and others will most definitely enjoy those parts. I did find the writing style very eerie, it drew me in in the necessary places and just made me want more and more.

This is not something I would normally have picked up but I am really glad that I did. I will be looking for more books by this author because she has definitely got my interest after reading Magpie Lane.

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