Chosen Ones | Veronica Roth | Review

“Just because something is difficult doesn’t mean it’s worth doing.”





A decade ago near Chicago, five teenagers defeated the otherworldly enemy known as the Dark One, whose reign of terror brought widespread destruction and death. The seemingly un-extraordinary teens—Sloane, Matt, Ines, Albie, and Esther—had been brought together by a clandestine government agency because one of them was fated to be the “Chosen One,” prophesized to save the world. With the goal achieved, humankind celebrated the victors and began to mourn their lost loved ones.

Ten years later, though the champions remain celebrities, the world has moved forward and a whole, younger generation doesn’t seem to recall the days of endless fear. But Sloane remembers. It’s impossible for her to forget when the paparazzi haunt her every step just as the Dark One still haunts her dreams. Unlike everyone else, she hasn’t moved on; she’s adrift—no direction, no goals, no purpose. On the eve of the Ten Year Celebration of Peace, a new trauma hits the Chosen: the death of one of their own. And when they gather for the funeral at the enshrined site of their triumph, they discover to their horror that the Dark One’s reign never really ended.


Firstly, I want to say thank you to Hodderscape for sending me a copy of Chosen Ones by Veronica Roth I am very grateful for the opportunity.

Trigger Warnings: Depression, PTSD, Trauma and Suicide.

This was an enjoyable read. I do like Veronica Roth and enjoyed her Divergent series as a teenager. When I heard that she was bringing out a new adult series I knew that I needed to get my hands on it. Do I think it was an adult book? Probably not. I feel like Chosen Ones read and felt like a YA book, not that this is a bad thing, but I did struggle to understand what made it an adult book.

One thing I did really like was the complexity of Sloans character. The raw feelings that she experiences from her PTSD. If this is a trigger for you, I don’t think that Chosen Ones is for you. The subject of PTSD and the feelings that comes along with this are really explored in some depth and can be difficult to read at times. I liked seeing how she develops as a character throughout the story. At times I didn’t like her, but deep down I had a soft spot for her and she was definitely by far my favourite character. Oh Albie. My heart breaks. I don’t need to say anymore. I don’t want to talk about it. I’m still broken.

Chosen Ones is written in mixed media, amongst the chapters of these book are news articles, interviews, diary entries and book extracts. Those of which give you a bit more of a background to the story that you are reading which adds to the readers understanding of the world and the characters. This is something that I really enjoyed about this book. It really broke up the chapters, made it an easier read and also gave me more of an understanding.

I didn’t get through this book anywhere near as quick as I would normally. I can read books in a day or two pretty easily. Chosen Ones took me over 4 days. The problem was, I put it down quite often and found it easy to do so. I didn’t really have much of a drive to pick it up and I cant quite put my finger on why. Maybe it was my mood? Maybe it was the book? I dont know. I did enjoy the times that I picked this book up it intrigued me.

I think people should pick this up and give it a go. The ending seemed pretty obvious to me. But I did enjoy it enough and I am intrigued enough to pick up the next book in the series.

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