Eve of Man | Giovanna & Tom Fletcher | Review

“Against all odds, she survived. The first girl born in fifty years. They called her Eve.”





All her life Eve has been kept away from the opposite sex. Kept from the truth of her past.

But at sixteen it’s time for Eve to face her destiny. Three potential males have been selected for her. The future of humanity is in her hands. She’s always accepted her fate.

Until she meets Bram.

Eve wants control over her life. She wants freedom.

But how do you choose between love and the future of the human race?


This was a reread for me. I read Eve of Man as soon as it was released in 2018, a time when I wasn’t much of a reader but knew that because of who the authors are I needed to read it. In fact, Eve of Man was the first Sci-Fi/Dystopia I had ever read. I remember absolutely loving it. With the next book in the series being released imminently I wanted to fit in a reread so I was ready to make the most of The Eve Illusion. I am pleased to announce that I loved my reread just as much as I loved reading Eve of Man the first time. What a read.

I love the characters in this book, I love Eve so so much. Her character is so raw and I cannot help but feel sorry for her! She has been through so much and has so little choice in the path that her life takes. I can’t help but want to jump into the book and give her a big cuddle. I love how much of a strong character she is, such a fantastic protagonist. A character that young females can definitely look up too. And Bram, oh Bram what a wonderful character I love him so much. Tom and Gi definitely know how to engage their readers, especially in relation to the characters. I built up such a connection with so many of them which really added to my enjoyment of the book.

I love the idea and the plot, it is so unique. The execution is done so so well and I just love it so much. I will warn you however, that a males reaction to Eve due to her being the only young woman in existence is sometimes a bit graphic. It is done really well and delicately but at times I felt uncomfortable by the reaction that she got. I will say it is a necessary feature of the book though – it is realistic and not over the top. Only parts of the book adopt this ideology, it is a very small part of the book.

Since rereading this I have read many Dystopians and actually not enjoyed them. It is not my genre of choice. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about rereading this just in case I did not like it – however I loved it. Honestly, loved it and I cannot wait to read the next one. ESPECIALLY BECAUSE OF THE ENDING. THAT ENDING. WHY?! Such a cliffhanger. I need to know what’s going to happen next.

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