All the Words Unspoken | Serena Kaur | Review

“This time, love walked out of the door and she let it – supported it, even. His heart belonged elsewhere. At the core of all his pain was the threat of community. She could understand it and, in time, maybe even forgive it.”





Things are not going well for Maansi Cavale.

Her depression is worsening, she barely passes her university exams and she winds up stuck at home, full of regret and unable to find a job. She’d do anything for a way out.

Though Maansi previously considered arranged marriage an outdated tradition (only to be agreed to if you’re in your mid-forties and unable to bag anybody yourself), a chance meeting at an Indian wedding party changes everything. Desperate to escape the shackles of monotony and unemployment, she agrees to marry the handsome and wealthy Aryan Alekar. She convinces herself a new lifestyle and wealth will lift her out of the pit. She secures the marriage, but not before serving up a few lies about herself…

As they settle into married life, Aryan remains a mystery to Maansi: some days warm and loving, others cold and distant. Maansi can’t help but wonder… who is Aryan Alekar really? And why did he choose to marry so young? While living with Aryan, Maansi realises she could never be satisfied playing housewife. After all, she once had goals and dreams.

While searching for the ambitious Maansi she has buried, Maansi starts to realise that the man she has married is even further from what he seems… Can she salvage their union or will they set each other free?


Firstly I want to say thank you to Red Door Publishing for sending me a copy of this book and allowing me to be part of the blog tour, I am so grateful.

I am still in awe of the fact that this is a debut novel by Serena Kaur. Honestly, the writing style, the plot, the characters and the sheer complexity of the story is wonderful.

This book deals with some hard hitting topics including religious ideology, homophobia, general sexuality and domestic violence to list a few. Each of these topics can be difficult to read and understand, especially if you have not experienced them. However, Serena deals with each an every one of these topics in a delicate and beautiful way – giving them the justice and the attention that they deserve.

All the Words Unspoken is not a book that I would normally pick up, the genre isn’t my favourite and is not one I generally gravitate towards. However when I was approached and I read the synopsis I realised that this book may be a nice change, one that I may enjoy. I was wrong. I absolutely LOVED it. Honestly, I’m struggling to sum up exactly how I feel and portray this to you. If you take anything out of this review, please let it be that you pick yourself up a copy and read it.

I really enjoyed the characters in this book. They were so complex and wonderful. Serena portrays her characters in a way that you build up a connection with them more or less when you meet them and from that moment onwards the said connection just gets stronger and stronger – to the point where you don’t want to let them go. Maansi was such a raw and beautiful character, I loved her from the beginning but by the end I love her so much more. She dealt with so many different things in a short period of time, with the added pressure from her family. She could have dealt with said problems in so many different ways however she actually dealt with them with such dignity and strength. That leads me to Aryan – what a character. I must admit I didn’t warm to him as quickly as I did Maansi but as I got to know him and give him a chance he rapidly because one of my favourites, if not my favourite character. I could go on about the characters in All the Words Unspoken for a long time however I won’t.

What I also enjoyed is the writing style. This book was so easy to read, and so difficult to put down. I more or less devoured this book in one sitting, apart from the obviously annoying adulting I had to do in between. I started and finished on the same day I just didn’t want to stop once I had started. I was so invested in the plot I needed closure, I needed to know what happened.

I would definitely recommend this book to people, and will be doing so. I loved it so much and it definitely took me by surprise. I feel like it is an important read that everybody needs to read at some point in their lives. I will be reading other books by this author in the future, I am looking forward to what Serena Kaur is going to produce next.

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