Our Dark Duet | V.E. Schwab | Review

“There were two kinds of monsters, the kind that hunted the streets and the kind that lived in your head. She could fight the first, but the second was more dangerous. It was always, always, always a step ahead.”






KATE HARKER isn’t afraid of monsters. She hunts them. And she’s good at it.

AUGUST FLYNN once yearned to be human. He has a part to play. And he will play it, no matter the cost.



Kate will have to return to Verity. August will have to let her back in. And a new monster is waiting—one that feeds on chaos and brings out its victims’ inner demons.

Which will be harder to conquer: the monsters they face, or the monsters within?


I will admit that I finished This Savage Song and immediately began Our Dark Duet. When I say immediately, I had wee break and went straight into it. I could not help myself, I needed to know what happened next.

I’m going to be backwards with this review and discuss the ending first. I did not expect that and it left me heartbroken. Victoria, what have you done to me? I finished this book a couple of days ago and I am only just feeling emotionally ready to discuss this. Ugh, my heart.

I didn’t think I could love this book more than I loved This Savage Song, however I was wrong. I loved Our Dark Duet even more.  I think This Savage Song was a little harder to get into whereas Our Dark Duet I instantly got into and once I started I couldn’t put it down. I finished this book in two sittings and that was only because I had to be an adult and go to work in between .. yes I know, it disappoints me too.

I know I have already said it, but I love the characters. I love them so much. I loved getting to see them in a different light to what we did in the first book. I loved getting to know them even more, and solidifying the connection that I already had with them. I also liked that this book was a duology, there is no unnecessary “filler” books that you generally find with fantasy series. It was very much to the point, it gave the reader exactly what they wanted without anything extra that was unnecessary.

All in all, this is a really satisfying ended to a duology. I dont know why I have seen some people complain about it, it was everything that I wanted … okay not what I wanted, I’m still trying to get over the heartbreak, but you know what I mean.

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