As She Ascends | Jodi Meadows | Review

“No one gets stronger all at once. It happens in pieces, and the hurts with the deepest roots take the longest to heal.”





Mira, the Hopebearer

Mira Minkoba is on the run with her friends after a fiery escape from the Pit, where she’d been imprisoned for defending the dragons she loves. And she wants answers. Where have all the dragons been taken? Why are powerful noorestones being shipped to the mainland? And did the treaty she’s been defending her whole life truly sell out the Fallen Isles to their enemies?

Mira, the Dragonhearted

As her connection to the dragons—and their power—grows stronger, so does Mira’s fear that she might lose control and hurt someone she loves. But the only way to find the truth is to go home again, to Damina, to face the people who betrayed her and the parents she’s not sure she can trust.

Home, where she must rise above her fears. Or be consumed.


This is definitely an underrated series for me. Before I picked up the first book, I hadn’t really heard anything about it and I definitely haven’t heard anything about the series. I wouldn’t say it was my favourite series but I do really enjoy it.

This was such a change from Before She Ignites which takes a little bit of getting used too. Before She Ignites is very slow paces and information heavy. As She Ascends dives straight into the action and we don’t really have any break from this. With every chapter something is occurring and you are definitely kept on the edge of your seat.

I said it in my previous review of the first book, and I will say it again Aaru is such a beautiful character. He is definitely my favourite and I find myself on the edge of my seat praying that nothing bad happens to him. I’m not sure how I would handle that. I enjoyed his own chapters where we got to know him a little bit more. I enjoyed learning about his past, knowing what was happening with him and why he was in the position that he was in. I really love him so much. And the dragons, I loved that we  came across the dragons a lot more in this book because let’s face it, we are all here for the dragons.

Whilst I enjoyed the writing style that Jodi Meadows adopts in the most part the listed thoughts or listed plot summaries did start to get on my nerves. I just don’t feel like they flowed with the normal writing style and I actually found them quite off putting. I only really noticed them in the later part of the book, but as soon as I noticed I couldn’t not notice them. I just don’t feel like they were necessary and they were very out of place.

I am very much looking forward to find out what is going to happen in the final book. I am anxiously awaiting for it to be released in paperback as I am not sure when this is going to be but I need my collection to match so I am going to have to be patient.

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