Monstress | Marjorie Liu | Review

“To quote the poets .. we’re fucked”





Monsters follows the life of a teenage girl, Maika, who has been struggling to survive a life after war, a life whereby her people are sought after. Whilst searching for answers of her past, Maika puts herself in grave danger with the enemies working against her world. But unbeknown to society, a monster is awakening within Maika, a monster that will transform them both and make them a target to all they come across.


Before beginning my review it is worth noting that this graphic novel is very dark and gruesome. In parts both the plot and the images may not be for some people.

I had high hopes for this graphic novel as many people that I trust have rated it 5 stars. I went in with great expectations however unfortunately I was left disappointed. I absolutely love the illustrations within this novel, they are wonderful and they really do tell a story of their own. The illustrations are the main reason that I made this a 3 star instead of a 2 star. I also really enjoyed the beginning, it was fast paced and the first quarter kept me hooked whilst I was able to follow the story. And then I lost it. So much was going on with very little explanation and I found myself completely at a loss with who was who and what was going on. I feel like the author tried to pack far too much action into the first novel and forgot to world and character build. I find it such a shame because it started off so strong that I just wanted to love it. I just found myself not understanding what was going on and skim reading so that I could get to the end. I think the only reason I didn’t DNF it is because I needed to see the rest of the illustrations.

I must add that this is my first graphic novel, and therefore I do not have anything to compare it to. But after looking at some more reviews I now know I am not the only person to express this opinion. I am unsure as to whether I will be picking up the next one. Luckily this was a library loan and my library doesn’t currently have the second so I guess I’ll just wait to see.


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