Becoming | Michelle Obama | Review

“Now I think its one of the most useless questions an adult can ask a child – What do you want to be when you grow up? As if growing up is finite. As if at some point you become something and that’s the end.”

“One, I feel very confused about where I want my life to go. What kind of person do I want to be? How do I want to contribute to the world? Two, I am getting very serious in my relationship with Barack and I feel that I need to get a better handle on myself.”





Becoming is the autobiography of Michelle Obama. It explores many aspects of the previous First Ladies life. From her childhood, her life through Law school, meeting and marrying Barack, the process to prior to being the First Lady, to Barack’s appointment as president and finally to her life now she no longer lives in the White House. This wonderful book explores the highs and the lows of Michelle’s life and if you pick up this book I can assure that you will be entering an emotional whirlwind of a story.


I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to pick up this book as I am not very educated when it comes to Politics and it is something that does not interest me. However, I have always had a fascination of Michelle Obama’s life, she always seemed to me like such an inspiration. I made the decision to pick up this book and I am so glad that I did. Michelle is so much more than the inspiration I originally thought she was, she is a true American legend; a hidden diamond. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about her early life as a child and being introduced to her family. What I loved most about this book, is that the tone did not change throughout despite the huge changes her life. She seemed to take things in her stride and always remembered her roots and the background that she came from. I feel like this explained a lot about the extensive campaigns that she backed when she was a First Lady, she certainly realised how fortunate she was to be in the position she is compared to others. I love how humble she is and how “normal” she comes across.

This book does discuss a fair amount of loss which pulled on my heart strings. By the time these losses came along in the book I felt like I had struck a connection with Michelle and therefore really felt her emotions as I was reading. A certain death in this book really struck a chord with me and like many other aspects in this book it made me realise how lucky I truly am to live the life that I do.

This book also made me laugh. Michelle has such a fantastic sense of humour along with Barack. A particular part I need to mention in my review is when Barack asked Michelle to marry her. She had been mentioning marriage to him for a while so when he finally asked she was taken by surprise. After asking her to marry him he immediately said “that should shut you up”. This had me laughing so much mainly because I can relate as it is exactly what my fiancé said to me once he asked me to marry him. I love when you can strike a connection with a book through your personal experiences. This is exactly what I did with this book.

I know I have a lot of good things to say about this book yet I rated it 4 stars. The only reason for that is some parts I did find dense with political discussion. What did I expect aye? But for me I did struggle through these parts and found myself skimming to get to the parts that interested me more. If you are not particularly interested/fond of politics, please do not let that put you off. It is a brilliant autobiography that everybody needs to read, only a small portion of it is politics based. It is such an eye opening and inspirational read that I will be reading again sometime in the near future.

This was the first autobiography I have ever picked up, I’m so glad I opened my eyes to this genre and I will certainly be looking out for more!

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