Vengeful | V.E. Schwab | Review

“You can’t kill what is already dead. You can only dispose of it”





This book is the sequel to V.E. Schwab’s “Vicious”. I literally cannot write a synopsis without giving away things that happened in Vicious and I am not willing to spoil such a wonderful book so this review will not contain a synopsis for that reason.


I absolutely loved this book. I think I preferred Vicious slightly, however regardless this was an absolutely fantastic read.

Firstly, how sassy was Marcella?! I mean I know I’m not meant to like her but I just couldn’t help myself. When I grow up I want to be just like her! My favourite quote?

“Marcella the Business Major. What do you want to be?”
“In charge”


I absolutely love how this continuation on from the first book, it was done so well and the plot was just fantastic. Again, there was no particular stand out character that as a reader you are meant to love. It allows each character to be focused on just as much and not just one to take the limelight. I am intrigued by how other people interpret these characters.

The magic system in this book is phenomenal. I absolutely love the idea of superhero powers in which different EOs have different powers and all of their stories are different. It is such a clever idea and Schwab really does carry this well throughout.

I really enjoyed how the previous characters from the first in the series develop throughout and we can relate further to them. Plot twist. I still hate Eli. He makes me so mad. However whilst I hate him I did like how we found out about his childhood in this book. I feel like it helped the reader understand him better as a character. I still don’t like him. But I understand him.

We also had newer characters, my favourite being June. She was such a dark horse I felt throughout, and I wasn’t sure of her intentions. However as the story continued I really did enjoy her as a character and definitely warmed to her. She turned out to be one of the top characters for me in the book and I’m still not I know her true intentions. She definitely has me second guessing myself.

Lets discuss the ending though. What was that? Does that mean there is going to be another book? I really hope there is because I literally feel like I’ve been left on a cliffhanger and wanting more. Whilst the series could probably end as a duology and I suppose I would be content, deep down I would really love a sequel to this so that I can find out what happens next, especially to certain characters .. those that are still left anyway. You won’t be surprised to hear that Schwab is still not afraid to break your heart and she succeeded in this one also.

I would 100% recommend that you read this series, it was fantastic and one which I will treasure. I’m sure I will reread it with pleasure some time in the future. I cannot wait to dive into more books by V.E. Schwab.

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