Kill [redacted] | Anthony Good | Review

“The last words I said to my wife: Please don’t leave. I said to my wife please don’t leave, while we were arguing and she said she was going to be late and so she had to leave, and she did and on her journey she was killed by an explosion on the Underground”





Michael lost his wife in a terrorist attack on a London train. Since the event Michael has been seeing a therapist in order to control the emotions that he is experiencing through the loss of his wife. Written in the form of a diary, this book follows Michael’s journey through realisation, regret, revenge, blame, love and hate. Michael believes the theory “an eye for an eye”, however will he turn his belief into action?


TRIGGER WARNING: If you have lost somebody close to you recently, or books surround deaths trigger you .. do not pick up this book. It can be very raw at times and I feel like I would have liked that warning before going into it.

Firstly, I want to say that I was very lucky to receive this book to review through Readers First. Thank you for the opportunity Atlantic Books. This book is very unusual in relation to the writing style and the general plot. I can’t say that I have ever read a book like it which works in favour for me. Whilst the writing style did take a bit of getting used to, in the most I did like it albeit at some points it could be confusing and I did lose interest in parts.

The issue I had with this book was that I feel like it was far too long for what it actually was. I found that after the first couple of hundred pages I was bored and I just did not want to carry on. I have to confess that I did read this in one sitting, so I’ve kind of contradicted myself but I feel like if I had put it down I may not have picked it up again. This is a shame because the general premise of the book had me interested I just feel like it was dragged out for too long which inevitably led me to lose interest. I am ashamed to say that a fair amount of it I did skim read, as whilst I wanted to know how it ended I didn’t feel like I wanted to know most of the bits in-between.

As I have already stated, this book is raw and there are a lot of emotions flying about. I felt that I had a real emotional connection with the plot however I could not connect to any of the person. I felt like all of them irritated me in some way and there wasn’t a person in the book that I could connect with.

The author did well with portraying the different emotions people experience with grief allowing the reader to understand that people experience life situations differently and that there is no correct way to grieve. Our characters took different stances throughout the book whether that be sadness, anger, happiness or confusion. This would change very quickly which I believe is a true depiction of how individuals deal with this life changing emotion.

Overall, parts of this book I enjoyed and parts I did not. However I would recommend this to people who feel like they can handle a book with raw emotions of grief within, as the depiction of this is fantastic. It is definitely worth your while reading it.

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