All My Friends Are Superheroes | Andrew Kaufman | Review

“There are two ways to get rid of an anxiety monster, my friend – you either have a bath or a nap.”





All Tom’s friends really are superheroes. Tom even married a superhero, the Perfectionist. But at their wedding the Perfectionist. But at their wedding the Perfectionist is hypnotised by her ex, Hypnoses, to believe that Tom is invisible. Nothing he does can make her see him.

Six months later the Perfectionist is sure that Tom has abandoned her, so she’s moving to Vancouver. She’s going to use her superpower to leave all the heartbreak behind. With no idea that Tom is beside her she boards the plane: Tom has until they touch down to convince her he’s there, or he loses her forever.


I have wanted to read this book for the longest time, it was one of my longstanding books on my amazon wishlist so I was so chuffed when a lovely friend from Instagram bought it for me. The first thing that struck me when this book arrived is how short it is. It comes in at 108 pages and it is tiny!

I literally read this in before bed one night, I would say it took me around an hour of reading it on and off. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, I hadn’t really done much research I had just heard good things about it so thought I would give it a go.

The book is literally one big metaphor, its wonderfully humorous. The writing style that Andrew adopts is really different to what I have read before but this isn’t a bad thing. I really enjoyed the writing style it made for an exciting and captivating read. Whilst discussing this, I would also like to praise the imagination that the author must have to write a book like this.

I liked the side stories regarding different superheroes they mace me laugh and were very interesting. I think this was a good addition to the book and very welcome in between some intense parts of the book. I also enjoyed the love story between the two main characters, I liked to read about their past and their present and found myself intrigued by their journey throughout.

I finished this last night and put off writing this review because I am not 100% sure how I feel about this. I like it, but I don’t think I love it? I thought it would have more of an impact on me than it did. It is a book that I would recommend.

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