Saving Missy | Beth Morrey | Review

“At my age, reading obituaries is a generational hazard, contemporaries dropping off, one by one; each announcement an empty chamber in my own little revolver. For a while I tried to turn a blind eye, as if ignoring death could somehow fob it off. But people kept dying and other people kept writing about it, and some perverse imp obliged me to keep up to date.”





Missy Carmichael’s life has become small.

Grieving for a family she has lost or lost touch with, she’s haunted by the echoes of her footsteps in her empty home; the sound of the radio in the dark; the tick-tick-tick of the watching clock.

Spiky and defensive, Missy knows that her loneliness is all her own fault. She deserves no more than this; not after what she’s done. But a chance encounter in the park with two very different women opens the door to something new.

Another life beckons for Missy, if only she can be brave enough to grasp the opportunity. But seventy-nine is too late for second chance. Isn’t it?



Firstly I want to say thank you to Harper Collins for sending me a copy of this book for review. As soon as I found out that it had been compared to Eleanor Oliphant – one of my favourite books ever – I knew that I had to give this a go.

This is a really lovely book full of heartache, sadness but also a lot of happiness. It explores the theme of loneliness in such an effective way which is a relatively common but unspoken issue in society today especially involving elderly people. Saving Missy will really pull on your heart strings. It is very touching throughout. You may need your tissues at certain points.

I did like some of the characters within this, my favourite has to be Angela she is such a fun loving wonderful character. Her antics did make me laugh numerous times. However, I did not like Missy as a character. I know the author intended the reader to feel sorry for her and connect with her but I just couldn’t do it. If I had not been told that she was an 80 year old lady, I would have thought she was a young adult, I do not feel like her character was portrayed in a way that was appropriate to show her age. Maybe that is just me. A lot of reviews that I have read state that Missy is a favourite character so don’t let me put you off. I just found her boring and not a very likeable character. I liked the idea I just could not connect to her in the way that I needed too.

Whilst this is an easy read that you can get through very quickly, Saving Missy took me a while to get through. I just didn’t feel the urge to pick it up and read more. I found that I didn’t really care what happened next. Due to the hype surrounding this book I did continue to read it because I wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss anything … I didn’t. I must say that I did find that once I had picked this book up I kept reading but it was the initial picking up that made it difficult for me.

Saving Missy is compared to Eleanor Oliphant, but for me it doesn’t come close. Eleanor was such a likeable character for me and I loved her character and story. Saving Missy was just okay. I know it is a debut novel which is why I have given it an extra star as I do think I would pick another book by this author and give her another chance. But this one wasn’t for me.

Saving Missy comes out in February. There is nothing wrong with this book, there were no issues it just wants for me. Maybe its the writing style, I’m not sure. Based on other reviews I have read I would like to state that I appear to be in the minority so I suggest you pick it up and give it a go. You might find that you love it.

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