The Sky is Mine | Amy Beashel | Review

“Daniel’s voice is a can of Coke – I know the rising bubbles are in there but can’t be sure how fierce they’ll be until he opens the can. It’s always tricky to tell how much he’s been shaken.”





No one has ever asked Izzy what she wants. She’s about to change all of that …

In a house adept at sweeping problems under the carpet, seventeen-year-old Izzy feels silenced. As her safety grows uncertain, Izzy know three things for sure. She knows not to tell her mother that Jacob Mansfield has been threatening to spread those kinds of photos around college. She knows to quiet the grief that she’s been abandoned by her best friend Grace. And, seeing her mother conceal the truth of her stepdad’s control, Izzy also knows not to mention how her heart splinters and her stomach churns whenever he enters a room.

When the flimsy fabric of their life starts to unravel, Izzy and her mum must find their way out of the silence and use the power in their voices to rediscover their worth.


Firstly, I want to say thank you to Rock the Boat publishing for sending me a copy of this book for review I am so grateful for this opportunity.

Trigger warnings for rape, coercive control, domestic violence, teenage pregnancy, revenge porn and abortion. 

I have had my eye on this book for a fair amount of time, it definitely seemed to be a book that I would enjoy reading … I was right! The Sky is Mine did not disappoint me. What I will first say is that if any of the above topics are likely to trigger you please think before you pick up this book it may not be the right time for you. However, I would also like to add and assure you that Amy deals with each of these so wonderfully and delicately in a way that opens the eyes of the reader to the complexity of each of these issues. I deal with a lot of these topics in my work life, I deal with the victims and the perpetrators so I would like to think that I have a fair amount of knowledge on the subject areas. You can tell that Amy has done her research, she does these topics so much justice in so many different ways.

I loved the characters in this book … apart from Daniel and Jacob obviously. I want to punch them. Izzy is such a wonderfully heartbreaking character. I really did feel for her and her mum. I felt the raw relationship between them throughout and I loved watching this grow and develop from being so so broken at the start. I also enjoyed Grace and the diversity that she adds to the story. Daniel and Jacob whilst I really disliked them for obvious reasons, they were also very good characters. The portrayal of them being perpetrators was done so well, I could feel my anger growing as the plot continued and had so many emotions towards them and those also involved.

I really enjoyed the writing style of this book. This is not your typical feel good book in the majority but it is an important book that you need to read. I devoured this in one sitting and literally felt every emotion possible. What really hit me is at the end of the book the details and contact number for Women’s Aid and other organisations are at the back. This is something that we do not see enough in books with triggering content however it is there and so important. I really hope that this book reaches out to somebody who can really relate and they get the help that they need.

I would recommend that everyone picks this book up. You will not regret it!






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