Gloves Off | Louisa Reid | Review

“I am a girl. I own my own destiny.”





A page-turning and immersive YA novel in verse, telling the story of Lily who is mercilessly bullied at school and who turns to boxing in an attempt to fight back; a story of hope and resilience breaking through even the most difficult situations.

Lily turns sixteen with two very different sides to her life: school, where she is badly bullied, and home with her mum and dad, warm and comforting but with its own difficulties.

After a particularly terrible bullying incident, Lily’s dad determines to give his daughter the tools to fight back.

Introducing her to boxing, he encourages Lily to find her own worth. It is both difficult and challenging but in confronting her own fears she finds a way through that illuminates her life and friendships.

Meeting Rose, and seeing that there is another world out there, enables her to live her own life fully and gives her the knowledge that she is both beautiful and worth it.\


Today is my stop on the blog tour for Gloves Off, I want to say thank you to Dark Room Tours and Guppy Books for sending me a copy of this book.

I would like to highlight that I do not think this book is going to be for everybody as it is written in verse. I did not know this when I first picked the book up and I think had I have known it was written in verse I wouldn’t have given it a chance. I am so glad that I clearly do not pay attention to detail when it comes to asking to be part of blog tours because I loved this book. I have found a new love for books written in verse.

Gloves Off is beautifully written, I was honestly hooked on Louisa’s every word. There is definitely something to say about a book written in this way and how it immerses you in a way that no other book could.

I really liked the characters in this book apart from Aidan, he was an arse and he got everything he had coming to him. I felt so sorry for Lily but was so so proud of how far she came and the fact that she worked so hard to face her demons. Honestly I could not get enough of her character, she is such a fighter and such a role model to readers who may be her age. I wish I had read this book at 16 years old, it would definitely have opened my eyes to  the fact that what other people think of me should not define who I am as a person.

This book really dealt with some hard hitting and horrible subject matters including bullying and body image. Body image I feel was explored so well as it was explored through the eyes of a teenager and also an adult. It showed that these issues don’t always lie with the younger generation as other people may feel. It can affect others as well and that is something to always keep in mind when you are communicating with another. I thought this was really important and unusual to see within a young adult setting. The element of bullying really did strike a chord with me. I feel like was done so so well, the verse writing really added effect and made the really feel like they were experiencing this with Lily. I will say at times i found it hard to read. It really made me think of the society that we live in today, because Gloves Off is such an accurate depiction.

Whilst it is not my normal book, Gloves Off has really opened my eyes to a new writing style and I am really keen to pick up something similar in the future. I would recommend that others pick this up just be aware of the trigger warnings first.

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